Reed Bed Solutions and Technology

Oceans-ESU Ltd design reed bed treatment systems which are a natural way of treating contaminated water. Pollutants are decomposed by the actions of bacteria and microbes living in the soil amongst the reed bed roots.

Our treatment systems harness the power of these microbes, ensuring water can be treated in an efficient and controlled manner.

    • 6
    • 2012
      football pitches worth of reedbeds built
    • 13
      million reeds planted
    • 35yrs
    • 358
      million litres of water treated daily (that’s 143 Olympic swimming pools!)
  • Reed beds provide a green feature and benefit wildlife in a world where natural wetlands are becoming scarce

  • Soil based reed beds are cheap to operate and maintain

  • ERT Technology® cleans polluted waters by harnessing the natural power of nature

  • ERT Technology® offers enhanced treatment capabilities compared to standard constructed wetlands

  • Bacteria found in soil based reed beds are capable of breaking down many persistent organic pollutants

About Us

Oceans-ESU Ltd is a highly respected technical consultancy specialising in providing sustainable and integrated environmental solutions for a wide variety of industrial, retail and municipal applications.

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