• Reed Beds for Polluted Waters

    …for the treatment of all polluted waste water effluents
  • Monitoring Services

    …for air quality, vapours, dust & noise monitoring and auditing
  • Contaminated Land Services

    …from Phase I & II audits and investigations, to complete land remediation solutions
  • Bespoke Consultancy Services

    …for environmental solutions, problem solving and more

Industrial Waste Water Treatment

Do you require treatment of industrial waste waters? We provide industrial waste water treatment, tailored to your every need.


Do you require contaminated land services/surveys? Do you need advice or information on what to do next? Our team of experts can help.

Air, Dust, Vapour & Emissions Monitoring

Do you require protection measures for the public or your workforce from harmful vapours/dust? Our team is able to provide this and more.

Domestic Waste Water Treatment

It’s not always viable to connect to the sewer network and in-situ treatment is often the way forward.

Reeds in a

Do you need small scale, self-contained, wastewater treatment? Installed singularly or in parallel, our RIBs may be what you’re looking for.


The broad spectrum of our team is able to provide environmental solutions for a comprehensive range of scenarios.