About Oceans-ESU

Oceans-ESU Ltd is a highly respected technical consultancy specialising in the treatment of water through soil based reed beds.

We work with a range of organisations around the world, from small firms and businesses to multi-national clients. Projects include the remediation and treatment of a wide range of industrial and domestic waste waters and we specialise in the remediation of complex and unusual contaminants.

As leaders in the field of using reed beds to treat industrial waste waters, we have installed many of the world’s largest reed bed treatment systems. Our recently developed ERT Technology is a scientifically robust system offering further performance enhancement over standard soil based reed beds.

Our solutions are tailored to each individual client, and we pride ourselves on taking the time to understand our customers’ requirements and providing the best solution in each case.

Contact our team of scientists and engineers today to discuss your requirements and benefit from over 35 years of experience in reed bed design and problem solving.


  • Reed beds provide a green feature and benefit wildlife in a world where natural wetlands are becoming scarce

  • Soil based reed beds are cheap to operate and maintain

  • ERT Technology® cleans polluted waters by harnessing the natural power of nature

  • ERT Technology® offers enhanced treatment capabilities compared to standard constructed wetlands

  • Bacteria found in soil based reed beds are capable of breaking down many persistent organic pollutants

      • 6
      • 2012
        football pitches worth of reedbeds built
      • 13
        million reeds planted
      • 35yrs
      • 358
        million litres of water treated daily (that’s 143 Olympic swimming pools!)

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