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Land Remediation

Environmental management solutions developed by Oceans-ESU Ltd have been used for a wide range of applications to benefit organisations all over the world.  Here are just some examples of the challenges we have overcome for our clients and the benefits our solutions can bring. If you would like to discuss any of these projects or any related issues please contact us.

Land Remediation

Acidic Landfill Leachate Remediation, Tanfield Lea
Oceans-ESU Ltd were commissioned to identify solutions for large consistent volumes of landfill leachate emanating from a restored landfill site. The landfill had been used for many years, for the disposal of domestic and vehicle batteries and it was believed other wastes were also tipped. This leachate posed a threat to local surface and groundwaters.

Chlorinated Solvents Groundwater Cleanup, Hitchin
Oceans-ESU Ltd was called in to advise upon the clean-up of a site affected by chlorinated solvents. The site was a former tannery, and had been derelict for a number of years. The ground was very porous, with an important chalk aquifer beneath. These conditions left the groundwater vulnerable to soil contamination.

Remediation Project Management, Braehead
Oceans-ESU Ltd led the remediation of a massive multiphase development of old industrial land on the south bank of the River Clyde. 100 hectares of land were being developed for leisure and commercial use by Capital Shopping Centres in Glasgow. Oceans-ESU Ltd has been involved since the onset of the project in 1994.

Methane Protection Systems
In the early 1990s a major UK retailer approached Oceans-ESU Ltd requiring a land contamination and methane gas investigation, for a number of its stores. This resulted in Oceans-ESU Ltd designing one of the first ‘retrofitted’ methane protection systems in the country

Asbestos Project Management
Oceans-ESU Ltd were appointed as Asbestos Project Managers for an internationally recognised company that has over 450 retail outlets throughout the United Kingdom.