At Oceans-ESU we specialise in reed beds for industrial and commercial purposes.  Our knowledge and experience means we can design systems to treat complex and unusual effluents, and we will always aim to provide unbiased advice (even if this is not a reed bed!)

If you are looking for a reed bed for small scale domestic sewage treatment and are based in the UK, we would recommend you review the environmental permitting rules issued by the relevant national environment agency, to check whether a reed bed would be suitable in your case.

For industrial waste waters, complex or mixed effluents, contaminated groundwaters, or for any other water treatment enquiries, please contact us.

You can call us on +44 (0)1226 785116 or fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you:


  • Reed beds provide a green feature and benefit wildlife in a world where natural wetlands are becoming scarce

  • Soil based reed beds are cheap to operate and maintain

  • ERT Technology® cleans polluted waters by harnessing the natural power of nature

  • ERT Technology® offers enhanced treatment capabilities compared to standard constructed wetlands

  • Bacteria found in soil based reed beds are capable of breaking down many persistent organic pollutants

      • 6
      • 2012
        football pitches worth of reedbeds built
      • 13
        million reeds planted
      • 35yrs
      • 358
        million litres of water treated daily (that’s 143 Olympic swimming pools!)

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