Oceans-ESU Ltd, Global Environmental Solutions


Oceans-ESU provide a range of environmental services to compliment business core industries. Applying a multi disciplined background we are able to provide cost effective integrated solutions to water use minimisation, treatment and recycling, as well as providing ancillary services for occupational health monitoring, process emissions, and air and noise monitoring.

Our monitoring and analysis capabilities can provide critical Environmental Impact Assessments for elements of HAZOP and FMEA studies as well as providing assistance during Disaster Recovery and Development Projects.

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Organic and petrochemical, organo-metalic chemicals, commodity chemicals
Reed BedsAir Monitoring, Consultancy

Rolling & milling coolant waters, coking works waste water
Reed Beds

Process waters, mine waters, remote location sewage treatment
Reed BedsAir Monitoring

Process waste and wash waters.
Reed BedsAir Monitoring

Wash waters
Reed BedsAir Monitoring

Waste Water minimization and recycling
Reed BedsAir MonitoringConsultancy

Reed BedsAir MonitoringLand Remediation