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Landfill leachate will continue for many years after a landfill is capped, restored and closed for the acceptance of waste. In fact most landfills will be monitored for at least 30 to 40 years after closure, to ensure that no leachate (or landfill gas) escapes into the environment and presents a risk to the communities surrounding the landfill site.

Oceans-ESU Ltd monitoring and analysis capabilities can furnish critical duty of care requirements for operation and aftercare. Leachate treatment can be tailored to the specific character of the individual landfill.

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Treatment of leachate, monitoring of gases and groundwater, venting systems and drainage control.
Reed BedsAir MonitoringConsultancy

Waste Reduction
Reduce the volume of waste destined to landfill sites with sustainable recycling.
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Waste Water Treatment
Reduce the requirement to remove waste waters to registered sites.
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