Oceans-ESU Ltd, Global Environmental Solutions


Oceans-ESU Ltd has provided environmental services throughout the Petrochemical Industry spectrum, from E&P, waste treatment and reduction, storage, distribution and commercial.

Services range from providing data for EIA’s, consultancy for COMAH compliance, groundwater and emissions monitoring, as well as providing reed bed treatment systems.  These systems range from units the size of a single car parking bay, up to the world’s largest reed bed systems at over 250 hectares.

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EIA’s, land remediation, drilling mud remediation, ground water monitoring.
Reed BedsAir MonitoringConsultancy

Produced water treatment, gas condensate treatment, remote location sewage treatment.
Reed Beds

Groundwater assessments, land remediation, gas holder leachate treatment.
Reed Beds

Wash waters
Reed BedsAir Monitoring

Waste Water Minimization and Recycling
Reed BedsAir MonitoringConsultancy

Forecourt run-off, services sewage treatment, vehicle washing, below ground storage monitoring.
Reed BedsAir MonitoringLand Remediation