Oceans-ESU Ltd, Global Environmental Solutions


Oceans-ESU Ltd has provided environmental services throughout the utilities industries, enabling water management with treatment capability.

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From Secondary and Tertiary treatment of small residential properties up to Tertiary and polishing treatment for municipal works for thousands of homes.
Reed Beds

Pretreatment of process waters for industry and drinking water requirements, in addition to providing solutions for treating back wash waters.
Reed Beds

Groundwater assessments, land remediation, SUDS and catchment management, as well as dust  and vapour monitoring.
Reed BedsAir MonitoringLand Remediation

Wash waters
Reed BedsAir Monitoring

Fire training ground waters, as well as apron run off.
Reed Beds

Gas Works
Groundwater assessments, land remediation, gas holder leachate treatment.
Reed BedsAir MonitoringLand Remediation

Waste water treatment for remote location sites
Reed Beds