Water21 http://www.water21.org.uk

A not-for-profit organisation that works with landowners and communities to develop sustainable protection against flood, drought, and public health risks in the community. Water 21 specialise in cutting-edge water resource management, harnessing cost-effective naturalistic approaches that lead to abundance. Water21 achieves this by researching, promoting, consulting on, and facilitating the supply of best technology, with unique expertise backed-up by over 20 years of professional landowner, water engineering, community and regulatory engagement on a range of issues.



3LM Savory Network https://www.3lm.network

Land and Livestock Management for Life (3LM) facilitates the localised adoption of Holistic Management across the British Isles. 3LM invite involvement from consumers, inspired farmers, food retailers, wildlife trusts, water companies and other land and livestock managers to lead by example, peer-to-peer.



Skyhawk Global https://www.skyhawkglobal.net

Skyhawk Global provide bioremediation services including HydroEater, a Bioremediator consisting of various bacterial strains formulated to effectively degrade both aromatic and aliphatic hydrocarbons. HydroEater enhances the natural biological process to aid in the degradation of various hydrocarbon pollutants found in soil, to ensure a non toxic end product, thus improving the environment.  It is part of an exclusive range of bioremediation and bioaugmentation products which are specially formulated to break down specific contaminants on a variety of substrates including soil and water.



Glonet Technology & Trade https://www.linkedin.com/in/shantanu-banerjee-a9739032

Shantanu Banerjee set up Glonet Technology & Trade in 1992 to provide high quality services, focusing on environmental consultancy and technology transfer projects.

Shantanu’s experience in environmental management spans a wide range of disciplines. He has worked with partners in developing environmental strategies, as well as making strategic and technical inputs into environmental projects, at all stages of a project life cycle.

This has necessarily included inputs into the planning and design stages, policy development, risk, economic viability and environmental assessment work.

  • Reed beds provide a green feature and benefit wildlife in a world where natural wetlands are becoming scarce

  • Soil based reed beds are cheap to operate and maintain

  • ERT Technology® cleans polluted waters by harnessing the natural power of nature

  • ERT Technology® offers enhanced treatment capabilities compared to standard constructed wetlands

  • Bacteria found in soil based reed beds are capable of breaking down many persistent organic pollutants

      • 6
      • 2012
        football pitches worth of reedbeds built
      • 13
        million reeds planted
      • 35yrs
      • 358
        million litres of water treated daily (that’s 143 Olympic swimming pools!)

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