Remediation of contaminated land.

Land Remediation

Oceans-ESU Ltd provides a full contaminated land investigation and land remediation service to construction and redevelopment companies, local authorities, and the commercial/retail sector.

Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

Site Investigations:

  • Phase I (Desktop study)
  • Phase II (Site Investigation)
  • Contaminated land risk assessments
  • Groundwater investigation
Ground Gases (methane/carbon dioxide):

  • Landfill gas monitoring
  • Borehole installation and monitoring
  • Gas investigation and modelling
  • Design and installation of gas management systems
Quantitative Risk Assessments:

  • Soil contamination – human health risk assessments
  • Risk to groundwater and surface waters
  • Methane/carbon dioxide risk assessments
  • Validation of 3rd party reports
Contaminated Land Remediation:

  • Remediation strategies
  • Validation reports
  • Bioremediation technologies
  • In situ soil remediation
  • In situ and ex situ groundwater remediation
  • Waste disposal consultancy


Oceans-ESU Ltd are experienced in contaminated groundwater investigations. We can offer groundwater monitoring, modelling and remediation (including in situ treatment, reed beds and bioremediation).

For more information on our land remediation services, please contact us.