Reed beds for the treatment of contaminated water

Reed Beds

Oceans-ESU Ltd offer a variety of services related to the bespoke design, construction, management and maintenance of highly engineered waste water treatment systems for contaminated effluents from industry, agriculture, municipal and domestic sources.

Oceans-ESU Ltd is the world leader in innovative waste water treatment technologies; with over 30 years experience in the research, design, installation and maintenance of engineered reed bed (wetland) treatment systems. Not only were we involved in the initial development and engineering of this natural process as a viable industrial wastewater solution, but we continue to be world leaders in the field of bioremediation.

Reed beds are an environmentally sustainable method for the treatment of contaminated water. As well as being beneficial for wildlife, they are often significantly cheaper than the equivalent mechanical systems and are easier to operate and maintain. Reed beds are very efficient at treating a wide range of different effluents including sewage, leachates, run-offs, contaminated groundwaters, industry waste waters and mixtures thereof.

Our experience enables us to design and install reed beds of any size, from single dwelling domestic sewage treatment systems to reed beds in excess of 3000 acres.

Our large scale Produced Water hydrocarbon treatment systems can clean in excess of 50,000 tonnes of oil contaminated water every day, with integrated downstream beneficial use/recycling for irrigated forestry/agriculture.

In order to provide small scale waste water treatment options, we developed the RIB or ‘Reeds in a Box’ – a specifically engineered container holding a miniature, yet fully developed, reed bed unit for smaller scale applications where space is a limiting factor.

Some common applications for Reed Bed treatment systems:

Other water related services include:

  • Surface water quality monitoring
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Hydrogeological investigations (including groundwater)
  • Sustainable urban drainage systems (SUDs)
  • Water reuse and community development programs
  • Catchment management and beneficial use

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